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Friday, November 14, 2008

"Balls Out" Fiction

Carla Harker talks about a " 'balls out' writing experience" with regard to her novel that was eventually picked up for representation:
I was afraid at first to make a heroine who was cold-blooded, efficient, didn't hesitate to squeeze the trigger. Much of the female-oriented action I'd read had heroines afraid of guns, or in the process of giving up the business because it bothers them, or very uncomfortable with the role they had in life.

But characters in movies often engage in acts of violence without remorse, without regret. I thought to myself, what if my heroine didn't hate her work? What if she knew exactly who she was and still liked herself? What if she didn't waste her time trying to avoid shooting the bad guy and just...shot him?
That's Kat and Mouse. No fear of guns. No hesitation in squeezing the trigger.

After all, their tagline is "When the going gets tough, the tough shoot back."

I like it. "Balls out."

Not in reference to the experience of the writing, the "take the gloves off" aspect that Carla talks about in her post.


I'm talking about the type of writing.

I thought of it as "escapist." "Brain candy."

But I think I'll call it "balls out fiction."

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