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Friday, October 24, 2008

Hearing Voices...

Since I've admitted I'm a writer, I need to add the other half of my Artistic Hyphenate.

I am a Voice Actor.

You know--funny character voices. Like Mel Blanc (Bugs, Daffy, etc). Rob Paulsen (Yakko Warner). Pat Fraley (Krang). Those guys.

It all got started when I would make up voices for the NPCs in my campaigns. (As in D&D campaigns. Yes, I freely admit geekery.) Two goblin guards would sound like a couple of gangsters. The goblin leader as Don Corleone. The former mercenary-turned village blacksmith as Sean Connery.

A friend said, "You should do voices for cartoons."

'Nuff said. I went and found me some classes.

Now, I've done a number of audio drama podcasts. With more to come.

Nothing paid yet.

But I'm working on that...

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