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Monday, October 27, 2008

Back On The Mic

Now that my Wife and I are officially out of the old place and into the new, we have begun unpacking the rest of the boxes that are stacked around the House.

Last week, I set up the office, both computers, and Intarw3bz connections and about mid-week, finally finished setting up my recording gear. Okay, so it's not a lot of recording gear--just a USB mic and my portable sound booth (a comic half-box lined with acoustic foam)--but I had to make sure it was set up in a good spot near the 'puter so that I could easily work it and Audacity.

With that done, I finally had a chance to sit down and record lines for shows that had been pending since the move. The leftover and new GAIA lines were done and sent. As were STAR RABBIT and a short bit on ROBOTZ. TWIN STARS is up next to record. And that should bring us up to date by the end of October.

What's nice about theLair's new location: it's a house.

We are no longer in apartment country. Which means no neighbors above, below, and on either side. That translates to being able to record after 9pm without fear of disturbing the neighbors.

Also, no more facing the parking lot and having various people pull up with their car stereos turned up to rock concert levels. Talk about a pain in the ass. You're there recording a perfectly good take and all of a sudden, someone pulls up, bass thumping.

Take goes down the toilet.

Then you have to wait a millenia before they leave.

No more.

I can recording in relative peace and quiet.

It's great.

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